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In-Person Seminar

This highly experiential learning weekend is for coaches and athletes to explore the connection and integration of physical, mental, and emotional fitness. This course dives into ‘mindset’, what it means to train relative to our “psychological tolerances” and how to expand one’s movement practice beyond the physical on a daily basis. Participants will learn via lectures, discussion, and immersive movement experiences.

Upcoming courses:

April 15 – 16, 2023
CrossFit Jax

2593 Mayport Rd,
Jacksonville, FL 32233

May 6 – 7, 2023
Stay Classy CrossFit

3167 Commercial St,
San Diego, CA 92113

September 30 – October 1
Forest Flow Crossfit

Snowhill LN, Preston PR3 1BA
United Kingdom

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The characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.

During these 2 days, you will be led through an immersive experience of body and mind.

You will learn techniques and skills to deepen your personal understanding of the mind-body connection, how you can train your mindset, and access various states of consciousness through movement.

“Mindset” is often referenced but hardly defined. For some the association is meditation. Others it is synonymous with a specific type of performance.

Over the course of the seminar we will explore what our definitions of mindset most importantly ‘how’ we can train it and embrace mindSTATE in our everyday to live a more fully and engaged life.

Apply this weekend to your personal life, your fitness practice, your relationships and/ or your career. It’s all possible.


Learn theory, techniques, and skills to further strengthen your mind+body connection.


Experience the confidence and belief to take purposeful action in your life.


Live the fullest expression of your Self.

Day 1

*Day 1 is conducted within the walls of the gym.

  • 0900: Welcome
  • 0915: Intentions & Expectations
  • 0930: BTE Movement Experience: “Best Effort” workout
  • 1030: Lecture: What is Mindset?
  • 1130: Lecture: What is BTE?
  • 1230: Lunch
  • 1330: Lecture: Programming for the Physiology of Psychology
  • 1430: Questions, Review, Recap
  • 1500: BTE Movement Experience: “Engage” session
  • 1600: Close

Day 2

*Day 2 timeline subject to change as we begin off-site.

  • 0700*: BTE Movement Experience: “Turn & Go”
  • 0900: Lecture: Resourcing Therapeutic Applications to Fitness.
  • 1000: Lecture: The Power of Will: Willingness vs. Willpower.
  • 1100: BTE Movement Experience: “Gears of Regulation”
  • 1200: Lunch
  • 1300: Lecture: 3T’s of Change: Transition, Transform, Transcend.
  • 1400: BTE Movement Experience: “Journey Ride”
  • 1500: Reflection and Debrief
  • 1600: Q&A and Close

Explore the physiology of psychology.

The deeper meaning of BTE is to raise awareness of, connection to, and expression from the Self through physical, mental, and emotional fitness.

Real experiences from real people.

ETHOS gave me tools to engage with and confront beliefs that were holding me back physically, mentally and emotionally.

ETHOS NJ Participant

I was able to incorporate your methods to my programming and I haven't felt that good working out in some time & after. Thank you both for the amazing experience!

ETHOS NJ Participant

I was so tremendously impacted by your ability to use physical movement to transcend some of the most important and life changing principals many learn through therapy or other mindset practices.

ETHOS Virginia Beach Participant


Bring this powerful experience to your community.