You have a choice

Between the Ears

You always have a choice. You do not get to choose everything that happens to you, but you can always choose how to respond, how to conduct yourself. You can choose how you let the situation impact you, both now and later. Yes, there are some severe and extreme situations that will push you to your limits. At these limits, choices may seem absent. They are not. You might have to go deeper than you’ve ever gone to find them. It might just be one, tiny little choice, but still a choice.

Embrace the privilege to make the choice and engage, knowing it will not be easy. It will not be natural in some cases. It will not provide immediate relief or an instant fix. No. This one choice will need to be followed up by another. And another. And another.

You have the ability to look within and learn more about yourself, to overcome hardship, to improve every day and get better. The opportunity is all around you. The choice is yours.