Between the Ears

Comfort will kill you. Comfort will lie to you and tell you it’s ok to stop, to let up, to give in, to quit.

Yet, comfort is something actively sought out. It is something you ‘work’ to achieve, as some form of validation.

I do not want to admit I have just wanted to be comfortable at times, but I have. I have viewed comfort as a friend and an ally. I have been wrong. I have bought the lie.

Comfort does not look like the enemy, the adversary, the foe. Comfort will not launch a large scale attack on you. Comfort will befriend you. It will sneak up and slip in behind your weaknesses.

Comfort will disguise itself as rationalization, justification, excuses, compromises. It will convince you all is ok and not to be alarmed. And then it will chip away at you, methodically and purposefully. It will feed off your weakness until it kills you.

So, fight it.

Fight it by pushing yourself to the limits of your comfort, and then push some more. And more. And more. And more until there is no doubt you are decisively engaged in eliminating the comfort. Discomfort is not pain. It is not weakness. It is improvement, it is betterment, it is growth, it is your life saver.

Comfort will kill you. Purposefully and intentionally get uncomfortable. Work hard to be uncomfortable and to identify your weaknesses; assess them and how you allow them to exist; accept they are present but not permanent and accept the course of action you will take to eliminate them; and then engage. Aggressively engage to hunt them down and destroy them.

It will not be comfortable and that is exactly the point.